Being Plain Cina

Last week my housemates (Brandon, Jason and Jackson) and i went to catch Iron Man in Carousel. It was a Saturday night and being a new movie and all, we expected quite a bit of people.

But the queue…was like DAMN long okay. We bought the tickets and everything and when we went through, i was like…jaw dropped. If you didn’t already know, the cinemas here don’t have seat numbers or anything. First come first serve.

The Cina kiasuism in me went straight to the front of the queue, pretended to take out my phone and acted blur and like…cut almost three quarters of the queue.

Till today i’m surprised at myself. Thats like such a bitchy thing to do okay.

But because i did, we had pretty good seats. Heh.

Movie was good by the way.

Real updates coming up soon.

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