Just A Lil More!


That felt good.

It’s been weeks days of hard work which involves lots of brain juices.

Sleeping at odd hours(which admittedly, is nothing new), and lots of panicking and last minute stress.

Just completed my MCC236 essay earlier this morning and i must say, i’ve learned so much about Malaysian politics! Oooh! Felt so patriotic although my essay was so focused on dissing the lousy systems and such.

Tonight, my creative juices goes to completing 2 tutorial presentations for tomorrow. One which im not so worried about because i think i can do it spontaneously.

But the other, i’m like quite doomed. Please, what on earth is culture jamming?!

But that’ll be all over by 5.30pm today.

You think i can rejoice after that because a huge burden is lifted off my goddamn shoulders? Think again.

I have like 5 weeks worth of comments to hand up this Friday.

Then on Monday another major research essay PLUS a final exam.

Then the following Friday another final exam.



Ooh la la. Can you imagine that?

Ten weeks of not having to touch a single book, attend lectures or see any tutor’s face.

That’s bliss. Even more so when a lot of people i know still have uni and exams when i’m holidaying. BAHAHA.

Anyhoo, i’m aiming to do something productive in that 10 weeks.

Probably work full time (38 hours a week) and juggling social life in between all that.

That means movies, trip to Swan Valley, Margaret River, and lots of catching up to do! I’m all gigglish excited right now. Jay and I plan to go down south where its not as cold and just take some time off.

But as usual, before you know it, it’ll be the start of Semester 2 again and it all starts again.


Oh and also, i just found out that i wont be able to claim back all my taxes because its exceeded the 6k by a hell lot. WTF WTF WTF.



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