Language Of Flowers

Aiya, tulanness!

I ordered a bunch of roses from an online website in UK which delivers to Kuching via international florists ties and it was supposed to be like damn good lah.

A dozen of red and white roses in a vase.

They guaranteed delivery date to be Saturday May 10th 8am-6pm.

Then wait wait wait wait.

Wait till grow mushrooms and hair drop but they never turn up.

What’s more tulan is that because its a UK site, they’re 9 hours behind and i can only call them at like…in the wee hours of the morning. Then they say they can’t check cause of time difference and all and they don’t have the number of their international florists.

Fine la. I went to sleep and the next morning on mother’s day itself those Kuching people called and say will deliver at 12.30pm.

Wait till grow mushrooms and hair drop but they never turn up also.

Till 3pm.


And right!!! It was all red roses with no vase.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! As if i’m giving valentine’s roses to my mum la like that! Because 12 red roses means….be mine.


Such a rip off right. Sigh. So tulan.

But happy belated mother’s day, mummy. First time i wish you at 4am in the morning that Sunday.


I know you don’t read but daddy reads this so he can tell you lah.


2 thoughts on “Language Of Flowers

  1. oh no. that kinda sucks doesn’t it? I can’t find any shoe trees! ARGH!
    I’ve been looking for an hour already…

    how’s life?

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