Saved By The Fire

I’m so exhausted now but i had to post something hehe. Will reply all comments and emails when i wake up hours from now.

So today i had my MCC236 finals.

ALL the questions Raymond and I studied last night came out.

Like OMG right? EXACT questions somemore -_-

I only started studying at like 2.30am this morning.

From 2.30am till time of exam (10.30am) I had a coke, 2 jolt(twice the caffeine of Red Bull) and 3 cups of coffee.

I swear i thought i was gonna die this morning. My heart was racing, my face was flushed and i had a headache.

No more caffeine for now. Till Friday morning, my next and last exam paper!


Half hour or so into the exams, the fire alarm went off. And it wasn’t a freaking fire drill.

We all had to go out. So retarded i tell you. Luckily i finished, but the others had to sit on the grass at the freaking Bush Court under the hot hot sun.


But so unfair la, because everyone discussed the answers.


Ok ok, time to sleep.



2 thoughts on “Saved By The Fire

  1. Don’t think I wanna risk doing it again this Friday, where they may have changed the whole thing altogether. Then again, the thought of having the notes all opened in another window is tempting. Sigh.

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