So AI7 Comes To An End…

Battle of the Davids.

Lil David vs Big David…Short David vs Tall David…Archuleta vs Cook…Archie vs Cookie


I’m like so so so so sad okay!

No doubt Cook will sell more albums and all, but Archuleta!! *swoons*

And Archuleta was soo much better than Cook in the finale. Knockout, like Cowell put it.

I’m so frustrated and sad!

But somebody next to me is giving me that *wtf* look. So i better stop being so kiddish. Haih.

I shall mourn for his loss deep in my heart.

I don’t care lah.

David James Archuleta. MY idol.

Oh, if you still don’t get it, David Cook is the new ’08 idol. Sorry if i spoilt it for you. But thank god for the internet, i followed the thing live. As in really really live. Lol.


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