Looky what my dad found one morning!

2 in 1 deal. Look at their tails…omg.

Cute? 😀


Protected: Was It Worth All This?

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Been A While Now

Last night was heaps of fun.

Fitting about 15 of us in Isabella and then to Toyo Corner after that was one story on its own.

Lesson of the night: combining another table only adds ONE extra seat.

Been ages since I’ve seen so many Lodgians together. Whee!

p/s When’s the next shebang after Permai?

So This Is The Story

Everyones been asking why i’m suddenly back in Kuching and why i was in KL for so long.

My sister has been recently diagnosed with end stage renal failure and has therefore moved back to Kuching for good. She was previously working in KL la.

So yala, everything is fine now. And i’m back in Kuching till…

I don’t know when yet.

Going to RWMF? Definitely.

See ya all in the forest!

Transition To Being A Grown Up

When Bernie, Chris, Shih Yang and I went to Starbucks last night, i realised that we’ve all changed quite a bit.

Like omg. What did we talk about?

Politics. Malaysia. Economics. Work. Er, the end of the world.

When did we become like our parents, talking about all the ‘important and serious stuff’?

Are we kids no more? When did it happen?

I’m still a lil baffled here.