Transition To Being A Grown Up

When Bernie, Chris, Shih Yang and I went to Starbucks last night, i realised that we’ve all changed quite a bit.

Like omg. What did we talk about?

Politics. Malaysia. Economics. Work. Er, the end of the world.

When did we become like our parents, talking about all the ‘important and serious stuff’?

Are we kids no more? When did it happen?

I’m still a lil baffled here.


5 thoughts on “Transition To Being A Grown Up

  1. Maturity grows proportional to life experiences, not experience living.

    Hence there are immature adults, and mature ‘kids’.

    But, I don’t think you’ll have to worry, because we can be childish if we want! It’s still possible!

    All that matters is what you put priority in.

    PS : I agree with the quoted ‘important and serious stuff’. It’s not all that serious and important once you’ve been through a lot.

  2. Nah, we’re just trying to act intellectual. Deep down we are still the kids that we always were. We just refuse to admit it now. 😛

  3. ron perhaps added the most controversial line.

    i guess its cos we’re all growing up, and now we can change the world if we want.

    or at least try. (:

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