Been A While Now

Last night was heaps of fun.

Fitting about 15 of us in Isabella and then to Toyo Corner after that was one story on its own.

Lesson of the night: combining another table only adds ONE extra seat.

Been ages since I’ve seen so many Lodgians together. Whee!

p/s When’s the next shebang after Permai?


13 thoughts on “Been A While Now

  1. gabe: yepp lionel said it right. it was shih yang lol.

    joon hui: ur healths definitely more important. im sure we’ll all meet up soon enough…at an earlier time next time!

    bp: got see toyol or not 😛 i think it was at the lil tree plant thingy behind where u were sitting

    lamomok: come back la! fly tomoro tee hee (=

  2. san: lol, still the same shirt as me, so kudos to him then =) although I’ll make a mental note to not wear it ever if I’m in the same place as him.

    all: you guys look like you’re having so much fun!!! I’m jealous =( oh well.

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