Elmo Without The L

Hmm, the number of readers is indirectly proportionate to the number of comments i’m getting. My stats tell me the number of readers are shooting but the number of comments i’m getting is like… haha. Strange but cool.


Just got back from a catchup/farewell session with Chris and Jo earlier. I’m feeling very the emo. Everyone’s leaving! And after Chris it’ll be my turn. Oh so sad. And people our age suffering from cancer and every other kinds of illness. Emo. Emo. Emo.

Sigh, just ranting.

Excuse my emoness.


When It’s Over

2 months and a week of holidays. Only a week of it left.

Only 7 more days and a lot of it will have to end. No more bumming around and having good times with friends and family. Instead, life will revolve around studies and work. Just like how winter disappears and spring comes along. It just happens.

An irony really, how the seasons slightly resemble my life. Oh, the uncanny resemblance. Winter in Perth this year was harsh. The storms and the cold crisp weather. Even the day has turned into night.

Time to put priorities into place and step on the accelerator. Last 7 days here will be well spent. Then it’ll be time to bid farewell to friends who i wont meet for years to come and put everything else behind. If theres only one thing i’ll be bringing with me to the future, it’ll be just the memories…

Malaysian Artistes For Unity

This is soo yesterday but i just had to post this video up for everyone who has not seen it before.

Here in my home by MAFU.

A non profit, non partisan, independent project – for those who love Malaysia to those who feel the same.

Its something to keep in our hearts especially at times like these. There are still beautiful things in the world which we may overlook.

We are family, yo! Spread the love. Spread the video. Download it. Hum it.

Tips For RWMF ’08 Goers

Just got back from Day 2 of Rainforest World Music Festival 2008!

Not gonna update on it yet but incase some of you read this before you attend the final day tomorrow, heres a few things you should know.

The main stage is MUDDY MUDDY MUDDY WET WET WET! Think quicksand or sand mud pit. PLOP and you’re ankle high in mud.

Wet. Cold. Mushy. Brown. And dries to clay. Mmmmmm.


  1. Wear shorts. And flip flops. You defintely don’t want your jeans and nice Converse or Nike shoes to be buried in icky mud.
  2. If you ARE buried ankle deep in mud the nearest place to wash it all off is right below the auditorium where the washrooms are.
  3. Bring a mat or at least something waterproof to sit on. Even plastic bags will do! The thicker the better. You won’t feel grass poking your ass. Also, reserve your place asap if you don’t want to spend the rest of the night staring at people’s asses.
  4. Pack lightly. Maybe just put some cash in your pocket, bring along your phone and your camera and that’s it. Anything else might be left behind and be gone forever in the sea of thousands.
  5. It doesn’t matter if your phone is tuned to the loudest possible. You can never hear it when the show begins. You’ll be fine if its on vibration mode.
  6. Don’t try to be overprepared and bring snacks or drinks. They confiscate them at the entrance.
  7. NO drugs kids! Lotsa German Shepherds roaming around.
  8. Bring your camera along with you at all times! Lotsa interesting things nd people to shoot. Lotsa places to camwhore too.
  9. Eat from stalls that are flocked with people. Its your safest bet. Food is overpriced but forgivable and canned drinks go for RM2.50 while mineral water RM1.50.
  10. Lastly, don’t keep your hopes too high for eye candy performers like previous years. Heh

And if it rains, party on in the rain yo.

Will post pictures after the finale later.

p/s They were circling papers around tonight. Check it out here.

Random Updates

Silly Streamyx. Silly silly silly. It’s being a tortoise lately and its taking me ages just to load pages let alone upload pictures up here.

So meanwhile, pictureless posts ahead!

Past few weeks in Kuching – a blast. Maybe its because we realise what little time we all have left together before our next meet. Half a year, a year, 2 years? Maybe longer?

There was the booze sleep over which was nothing short of fun and laughter, dinners, yum cha sessions, and for the next two days, RWMF! Now, what did miss? Oh, endless of baking. Banana cupcake, banana loaves, apple muffin, cakes, shortbread, pastries. Thats what you get when you’re bored at home but equipped with all the baking necessities you need 😉

Anyway, its raining now. Lets hope that it wont rain tomorrow. And the day after.

Oh, and 5 poor souls on my MSN list has virus now. Oh so very the annoying indeed.

p/s Its been over a month now that i’m back and i havent had a bowl of laksa yet! :O

RIP Torty

Okay, not many of you know this but i’ve got a couple of tortoises as pets. One male one female.

It must have been what, like almost 10 years already?

When i first bought them, they were little. Like soooo little. The male eventually became a little bigger than the female.

Apparently, the guy bit the girl torty and then she died.

I’m super super sad! Omg la.

Oh btw, i never touch them anymore because when i was little, guy torty bit my finger once and didn’t let go for a very very long time. 😦