Random Updates

Silly Streamyx. Silly silly silly. It’s being a tortoise lately and its taking me ages just to load pages let alone upload pictures up here.

So meanwhile, pictureless posts ahead!

Past few weeks in Kuching – a blast. Maybe its because we realise what little time we all have left together before our next meet. Half a year, a year, 2 years? Maybe longer?

There was the booze sleep over which was nothing short of fun and laughter, dinners, yum cha sessions, and for the next two days, RWMF! Now, what did miss? Oh, endless of baking. Banana cupcake, banana loaves, apple muffin, cakes, shortbread, pastries. Thats what you get when you’re bored at home but equipped with all the baking necessities you need 😉

Anyway, its raining now. Lets hope that it wont rain tomorrow. And the day after.

Oh, and 5 poor souls on my MSN list has virus now. Oh so very the annoying indeed.

p/s Its been over a month now that i’m back and i havent had a bowl of laksa yet! :O


4 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. YOU HAVEN’T HAD LAKSA? I’m amazed…

    Oh man, you’ve been baking!!! I’m drooling…

    I guess I need not mention how jealous I am that you’re all back having a blast. =P

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