When It’s Over

2 months and a week of holidays. Only a week of it left.

Only 7 more days and a lot of it will have to end. No more bumming around and having good times with friends and family. Instead, life will revolve around studies and work. Just like how winter disappears and spring comes along. It just happens.

An irony really, how the seasons slightly resemble my life. Oh, the uncanny resemblance. Winter in Perth this year was harsh. The storms and the cold crisp weather. Even the day has turned into night.

Time to put priorities into place and step on the accelerator. Last 7 days here will be well spent. Then it’ll be time to bid farewell to friends who i wont meet for years to come and put everything else behind. If theres only one thing i’ll be bringing with me to the future, it’ll be just the memories…

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