Greetings From Changi T3

One thing about departing from Kuching is that you can almost always swear that you’ve met or seen the person seating next to you before.

Uneventful flight, and i’m here at the crowded but unusually quiet Changi Airport waiting for my connecting flight back to Perth in say about…2 hours.

Silkair has improved tremendously! They used to serve ‘refreshments’, as in only a sandwich or puff pastry wrapped in aluminium foil – served extremely, scalding hot. To the extend it turns all mushy from excessive sweating in the pouch. But they’ve changed! A pleasant surprise indeed, we were given proper utensils plus drinks and a slice of chocolate cake. A rather decadent one too. And tonights the first time in a long long time i see a proper knife onboard the plane rather than those plastic knives they usually use. 🙂

Changi hasn’t changed much. Terminal 3 seems more crowded now. The free wifi is now seriously wifi as in you can connect anywhere. Just gotta register and they’ll send you a password to your phone. Hence im blogging from Burger King with my refillable Barley drink. Very strategic spot i must say. Close to my boarding gate, i can people-watch from the sides and the boarding screen is just behind me.

Oh by the way, 2 months ago i went back to KL/Kch with just a gym bag. No check in luggage whatsoever. Today, i’ve got 2 boxes, 1 suitcase and a hand carry bag. All packed to its max. I surprise myself sometimes.

Anyway. My 2 month 1 week holiday is really ending. My trip back to Malaysia has been somewhat unusual and different.

Will be posting lots of entries from my KL and Kuching series soon.

Till then!


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