Long Live Noodoos

There is something about the world and noodles. Perhaps all war and rage will be gone if we could just sit around and share a bowl of noodles.

The Vietnamese have got their phở, the Italians their pasta, the Philipinos their pancit and us Kuchingites? Kolo Mee. Or even Laksa. Whichever suits you best.

Ubiquitously found in Sarawak, leave it to us to tell you that the best breakfast in the world to kickstart your day is a bowl of flash boiled noodles tossed in pork lard, shallot oil, vinegar, topped with meat and more meat. Oh, there’s the extra red char siew (bbq pork) oil too. There’s so much oil to it that i dare say you’ll never have chapped lips if you have this often enough.

That said, when you’re born and bred in Kuching, there is nothing which shouts out “home” more than that.


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