Sea Urchin – Uni

I’m think i’m quite an adventurous eater… i do try to make it a point to try anything which is not so gross. But if you look here, i’ve had 28 of those and actually liked them :O

Anyway, during my recent trip to KL i’ve finally gotten my hands on some Uni. Colloquially referred to as the Sea Urchin roe, uni is actually the urchin’s gonads which produces the roe.

There is an incredible demand for Uni around the world; hence the price of them hiking. It’s really a rare treat. TV shows speak very highly of the taste, and so does my sister!

So what do they taste like?

IMHO, rotten crab roe.

Like seriously.

Next on my Japanese to try cuisine, is Puffer fish (Fugu).


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