One World, One Dream

Dancing Beijing. Games of the XXIX(heck, i don’t even know what number that is) Olympiad. Kuala Lumpur could have been hosting the games tonight, but unfortunately for us we never made it through the bid.

Fact: I’ve been watching the opening of the past games for as long as i can remember. Simply because my dad loves it i think, but memories bring me back to the times when we would sit in front of the TV and anticipate the oh-so-glorious ceremony. I don’t remember liking it though. It was just…performances and unkown people from around the world marching by.

Something tells me tonights ceremony will be different. The previous leak by the Koreans have revealed that we’ll be seeing humpback whales, flying kungfu masters and a floating globe. Sources tells us we’ll see Jay Chou and Sarah Brightman. And China promises a ceremony like no other. Something that will put all past and future hosting countries under pressure and most probably, ashamed.

The Chinese have something to be proud of tonight if all goes well. And being a Chinese myself, i’m keeping my fingers cross for them.

For the odd 27 atheletes from Malaysia, may you do our country proud!


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