Not A Conductor, Never Will Be

Shaun thinks that beyond viola classes i should learn conducting and reading eccentric musicians mind. This he said, is the key to being a good string player because admit it or not, most string players end up in orchestras. What an eccentric teacher i have. I bet you’re reading this and chuckling to yourself, Mr.

So anyway, a few days ago i had to go through some conducting practicum. It’s obvious now that i failed miserably. But apparently he’ll quit being my teacher if i don’t master them. This was what i had to do..

Stretch both your arms straight and with your left, move in a triangle and with your right, a square. Switch. Switch. Switch. As if it isn’t hard enough, you have to do them in different rhythms.

Subdivide tempos to Mahlers piece.

Not move my wrist in some pieces, and then move my wrist in some pieces.

Its all so confusing for my little brain. My right and left brains just cannot co-function like it used to anymore.

No wonder musicians are eccentric.


5 thoughts on “Not A Conductor, Never Will Be

  1. thanks san, I’ve still got a bit of a chest infection, but hopefully it’ll clear up in a few days… although no commerce stein for me this weds =( I’m sad… and its jailbreak-themed too!

  2. I definitely will rest well. Its not that bad a chest infection actually. You know, the sort where you cough up phlegm really badly and its coloured green or yellow.

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