Back Into The Field

2 weeks. Thats the amount of time i needed to finally regain my previous momentum in Perth.

Uni, work, music, tutoring, social life, personal time.

Sorry for the lack of posts with actual content in it…but i havnt been doing much lately. Trying to gain that momentum, ya know? Heh.

Lotsa things happening right now. Uni research(not for this semesters units but more on that later), viola auditions, English tutoring, phewww.

Oh. Units this semester- PR: Contemporary Approaches, Communication & Research, TV & Video Cultures. The latter really makes up for the other 2 boring units -_-

ps: When is sync swimming & gymnastics going to be on for the Olympics?


6 thoughts on “Back Into The Field

  1. I’m still in the holiday mood. And I have to agree that Contemporary Approaches is one of the most boring unit to date. Still haven’t managed to get up for the lecture though 😛

  2. Oh, ignore that! I just read your About Me page. And you’re from Kuching too! Hello! And you’re in Murdoch too! Raymond’s year? And meh they keep changing the units every year. Never took contemporary approaches. They either renamed or restructured it into something new. At least the current course is getting better and more specific. When it was in first year it was so general you didn’t know what the hell you were getting into.

  3. hi hi! raymonds year tsk. honestly though, i still dont know what im getting into. i think its just me. And oh, i think we’ve kinda met. Nyaks! i THINK.

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