Bagels For The Champions

Just came back from visiting Jess at the Royal Perth Hospital, and everyone in the house is still asleep. And yes, its noon. Thats saying something about our sleeping time ey? Heh.

Since being back here, part of my normal breakfast will be a bagel. That is IF i eat breakfast. Its so fast, easy and convenient. Woolies has a range by Bagel House which is actually comparable to a NY bagel. Its chewy, dense and comes in all kinds of toppings. Best of all, its presliced. Meaning every morning when i do eat breakfast and if im in a hurry, i just pop them in my toaster, grab my bag, slather some cream cheese on my bagel and im on my way out. Half a bagel actually fills you for the rest of the day and Jay usually gets the other half.

Anyway, this morning, I slept through my alarm and woke up at 8am. I was supposed to be up at 7.30am and we were supposed to bring Jess her breakfast because as we all know it – hospital food is crap.

I popped a bagel in the toaster…and omg. It couldn’t fit into the toaster.

Either the bagels have grown, or my toaster have shrunk. Its the normal bagels we’re used to getting, so i don’t know whats wrong. I tried the whole bag, and none of them could fit. In the end i had to preheat the oven and pop it in. The microwave is simply no place for a good bagel.

Okay, so maybe its not a big deal, but!!!!

This means no more bagels for rushing breakfasts.

Boo hoo.


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