Dilemmas Again!

I am so so torn between decisions.

Should I audition for the WA orchestra? If i do, i’d have to stay back longer at the end of the year plus come back earlier from the holidays PLUS its a 1 year commitment of compulsory attendance. On the plus side, its a darn prestigious thing and it’ll be lotsa fun!

Should I go for the Sydney orchestra camp? If i do, my year end holidays will be a total mess because its in January. On the plus side, accommodation, flight and allowance is all provided and paid for.

Should I sit for my Grade 8 viola in Perth or in Kuching? Should i take ABRSM or AMEB? How will i know if i’ll be back or if i’ll be in Perth?

Should i choose Bruch or Stamitz? Or Brahms? Or another piece? Or all?!

Should i take up the my internship offer for end of this year? If i do, I’ll have to give up all orchestra activities. But if i don’t, will i find another decent internship before i graduate?

Should i stick with my previous job or take the one at the Perth Concert Hall? Both has its own perks…

Should i just stay here during the summer holidays? Or should i return to Kuching, then go to Sydney, then return to Perth, then return to Kuching for CNY then come back to Perth again.



6 thoughts on “Dilemmas Again!

  1. Holidays in Kuching is awesome. But you can always go back. Travel and do the most amazing things you’re possible of achieving. Home will always be there after its all done.

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