The Gruen Transfer

All advertising/marketing/media students should watch The Gruen Transfer. It’s so freaking hilarious. You can watch it here.

Will Anderson is the bomb!

I only came across it when we had to watch it in lectures (So yeah, you know what i’m learning in uni every week).

We’re exposed to an average of 300 ads each day. What we don’t realise is the amount of work and research being done to produce an ad.

Did you know those Cadbury ads or the Koko Crunch ads with the flowy chocolate are actually brown paint? They’ve got a better consistency and they’re better to film. Eew.

And why do we think 9.99 is cheaper than something which is 10 dollars? We’re not that dumb to think its actually cheaper, but our self conscious mind actually thinks that the supermarket put more thoughts into the pricing of a product. -_-

And they are experts/professionals in the world who specialises in advertising like, the pulling of the cheese on a pizza, the froth of the beer, the breaking of a chocolate bar…

I can’t wait to graduate and con people with advertising. Yay!


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