THE Series Calendar For All Your Favs

If you follow dozens of TV series like me, you’re most probably confused/wondering when your favorite TV series are returning to the screens.

So to make it easier for everyone, i’ve compiled a list (at least of those which i watch).

Monday, Sept. 1
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
Prison Break

Wednesday, Sept. 3
America’s Next Top Model

Thursday, Sept. 11
Kitchen Nightmares

Friday, Sept. 12
Don’t Forget the Lyrics

Tuesday, Sept. 16

Thursday, Sept. 18

Monday, Sept. 22
CSI: Miami
Dancing with the Stars
How I Met Your Mother

Tuesday, Sept. 23

Wednesday, Sept. 24
Criminal Minds
Lipstick Jungle

Thursday, Sept. 25
Grey’s Anatomy
Ugly Betty

Sunday, Sept. 28
Amazing Race
Desperate Housewives

Wednesday, Oct. 1
Private Practice

Friday, Oct. 3
Ghost Whisperer

Thursday, Oct. 9
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Ugh, sometimes i amaze myself at the number of series i watch. But anyhoo….aren’t you counting down till Sept 1 already?!?!

Its sad that they all have their season breaks at the same time. The only series there is to watch now is The Secret Life of an American Teenager.

1 more week yo!


11 thoughts on “THE Series Calendar For All Your Favs

  1. wow, you watch so many series…
    I only follow… House, Boston Legal, Gossip Girl, Heroes (occasionally), America’s Next Top Model (occasionally), and the Amazing Race (occasionally)

  2. gabe: haha how do you watch “occasionally”. lol. im like on the edge waiting to dl it as soon as it airs over in the US. tsk

    eva: yeahhh i knowww! cant waitttt. yay yay yay

  3. well, you can do it occasionally… just watch the latest episodes only from time to time and miss the rest… hopefully you can keep up with all the missed episodes, haha =P

  4. haha yeahh!! so far all the series premiere has been awesome. but like you said, “SO FAR” 😦

    news is the rest of the sesason wont be a smooth ride lol

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