Eating Ethically And Going Organic

For the month of September, i will be venturing on a project to eat ethically and to go organic in every way possible. The aim of it all:-

  • Find out how exactly how much more it costs do go organic
  • Discover ways to go organic on a real life budget

I’ve recently read the book Ethics of what we eat by Peter Singer and Jim Mason. If you’ve not read it, you should. A life changing book, i must say. It might not make you go vego, but it does make you more aware of our food choices and how ethical they are. The impacts on the environment, animal sufferings, global warning etc.

Its kind of annoying that while we are all urged to buy organic products, the range is so limited and they often cost a hell lot more than the usual stuff we’re used to buying. But just how much more is more?

Starting 1st September i’ll be documenting the process of it all and just how much it costs, and of course, doing the comparisons. I’ll be going organic wherever possible. This includes using bicarb and vinegar as cleaning products, buying organic fruits, veg and meat, and if possible, from the farmers market. I’m already using organic shampoo, so thats okay. Oh, limiting the use of plastic bags…

Yay to an ethical September for me. 🙂


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