I’m Still Here!

I heard a really loud thunder earlier on, but when i looked out the window, it wasn’t raining. Half an hour later, i came to realise that it was my housemates washing the mahjong tiles next door.


I’ve had a really eventful past week. So many things happening and for the first time this week, i felt that my Filofax really came in handy. I couldn’t live without it. What time is work today? Do i have work tomorrow? If yes, where? Is uni break this week or next week? What time am i meeting so and so?


So yup, my uni break IS this week.

So is the Perth Royal Show. Which i will most probably be going sometime within the next few days.

Oh, its a public holiday today, and for the first time in a long long time, i have got nothing i have to do! No work, no uni, no nothing. But i’ve also got nowhere to go because everywheres closed. Boo hoo. I bet everyone will be flocking to the Royal Show.

I don’t know if its because i’m quitting my job soon, but my supervisor seems to have tripled my shifts this week seeing that i can work full time during the holidays. So not funny. Woe is me.

Anyway, i’m halfway through my training for my music teaching job. All i can say is its freaking fun. Apart from teaching individuals, i have a class of little ones as well! Ages 5-8 with their parents. Ha. Ha. Can you picture me teaching a bunch of kids with their dad or mums? Ha. Ha.

Oh, my little little room here now has a viola, saxophone AND a 88 weighted keys digital piano. Yup, the last one is a necessity for my next job. Amazing how it can all fit.

Pictures up next time. Yawn.


Changing Jobs, Again

So i’ve…

  • Worked at fast food joints. Flipping patties, grilling chicken
  • Worked at a MNCs. Doing marketing, research & development
  • Worked at a publishing firm. Writing print articles, meeting deadlines.
  • Worked at a hotel. Doing functions, events, bartending and cocktail mixing
  • Worked from home. Teaching music privately

I believe in getting out there and getting all the experience you can while building a network of contacts. Working casually and NOT part time is the ticket to it all. You get to stay as short as you want (couple of months) and get a good reference. Some people i know keep transfering from one job to another but leave a bad reputation behind.

I’ve stayed at the hotel im currently at now for almost a year. And i’ll be resigning 2 weeks from now, which will mark my stay there for exactly a year. I’m going to miss everyone, the DMs, the chefs, colleagues, customers… They’ve all been awesome and really understanding. When i had to go back to Kch in June with no notice, they kept my spot open for months till they were really really really short of staff.

To all the good times and memories i’ve had there…Perfecting my latte art skills, getting meals cooked by chefs, tipsy customers, learning cocktails, pulling my very first beer, chatting with colleagues just to kill time so we get paid more, and to the many glasses we’ve broken over the year but never reported. Hmmm..

But i guess its for the better.


I am now an employee of a music school which has branches all over Australia, as well as in NZ and UK. I’ll be teaching music to lil kids as well as giving private lessons to adults. Plus, its heaps closer to my place than where im at now.

I have to confess though…I think i’ve lost a bit of my musicality over the past 2 years.


Family Day

My work place is celebrating Family Day a little earlier this year. If you wanna know why its because Family Day is also Melbourne Cup Day and everyone will be going crazy betting on horses instead.

So we’re told to bring something which means family to you. AND bring your family. Since i have got no family here, i’ll just bring myself. Plus, i dont think any of my workmates would want to bring family members to embarass them in front of all the other colleagues. Heh. And it seems like everyone has the same family dish here – pot roast. So the idea is scraped and we’re gonna bring whatever we want.

Lack of kitchen utensils and cookware, i’m just gonna do a cheese platter. Its not going to get any easier than that. Buy different cheeses, a quince or fig chutney, grapes/strawberries/pear and some nuts. Oh crackers too.

Anyway, i don’t think my family has any dishes that speak for ourselves. But there is significant dishes that i can always relate to from either my dad, mum or sis. They’re like the utimate dishes that i want them to make for me if i ever need to choose my last meal.

From my dad, buttered slices of bread with sprinkles of sugar always hits the spot. He used to make me sandwiches everyday years ago. Every morning (: Another would be instant noodles with an egg and this little egg must not break.

Favorite childhood memories of food with my mum would be her avocado smoothies. A friend of the family used to give us heaps of avos and she would turn them into the most delicious avo smoothie ever. Thick, rich and oh so sinful.

Those from my sister comes from the later years. If ever i found out that i will be having my last meal on this planet, i’d have her cook her big breakfast for me. During my year stay in KL with her, she’d cook me breakfast in the wee hours of the morning before my exams. But i never appreciated them because face it, we’re all half asleep in the morning. I bet she cooks them half asleep as well. Hehe. Another would be her cupcakes. Ok i admit they’re not the most beautiful cupcakes on Earth (sorry Hamtaro) but they taste awesome and made with love (I sound so cheesy!)

Tataro Cupcakes

So while they might sound like the simplest food to make on Earth, they have that one special ingredient in them – love.


El Bulli Restaurante

I wonder if i can work for half a year, save all that cash, buy a return ticket to Spain, dine at El Bulli and fly back the next day?

At least i know i have at least till next year to save. The place is fully booked for the rest of 2008!

This is one gastronomic culture i have to experience before i leave this world.

Oh, for those cueless souls… watch this.

Story Of The Hobos

I’m sitting here in the library researching the homeless.

If you’ve been to the city at night, you’ll notice many individuals take their spot on the benches, at the corner of shops, hugging themselves to keep warm. We often disregard this and the society tend to view the homeless as sampah masyarakat loosely translated as “society’s rubbish”.

What we don’t realise is that some of this people are homeless by choice, but some, unfortunately have no choice.

Many were abused and forced to run away and live on the streets. Once on the streets, they become drug addicts to turn any emotional pain into controllable physical pain.

A minority of them choose to go homeless for spiritual reasons.

So why is this particular group of people constantly the pick of political parties and that we want them to be invisible?


More research. *yawn*

Help – Awesome Ideas Needed

Dear readers!

I’m writing to ask all of you for help! (:

I need some original, creative and awesome ideas for TV series. Something that will challenge the way the public thinks, something that will sell and be a commercial success. You may get inspirations from your fav TV shows, but it has to be something that hasnt been produced before. It may be from any genre ie. reality, documentary, sitcom or a combination of genres.

Drop me comments or PM me if its a hassle to describe through the comment box.

I’ll owe you a drink if i decide to pick your idea and if it gets produced, you’ll get all the credits for your brilliant idea.

So go on now, throw them at me. However stupid your idea may seem.


Next Door

Next Door is located next door to Gino’s in Fremantle 🙂

A pretty new establishment on the Cappuccino strip, its getting its hype from their breakfasts. So a few weeks ago, we decided to stop by and check out the hype.

Big Breakfast – 2 extremely thick toasts, 2 bursty eggs, mushrooms, bacon and tomatoes.

The eggs were perfectly bursty without being burnt the other side, the mushrooms nicely seasoned and bacon grilled without being overdone. An awesome breakfast or brunch if you’d like, while you’re soaking up all the sun early spring.

Nothing completes a more perfect morning than fresh luscious strawberries at the market – the size of your fist.