Family Day

My work place is celebrating Family Day a little earlier this year. If you wanna know why its because Family Day is also Melbourne Cup Day and everyone will be going crazy betting on horses instead.

So we’re told to bring something which means family to you. AND bring your family. Since i have got no family here, i’ll just bring myself. Plus, i dont think any of my workmates would want to bring family members to embarass them in front of all the other colleagues. Heh. And it seems like everyone has the same family dish here – pot roast. So the idea is scraped and we’re gonna bring whatever we want.

Lack of kitchen utensils and cookware, i’m just gonna do a cheese platter. Its not going to get any easier than that. Buy different cheeses, a quince or fig chutney, grapes/strawberries/pear and some nuts. Oh crackers too.

Anyway, i don’t think my family has any dishes that speak for ourselves. But there is significant dishes that i can always relate to from either my dad, mum or sis. They’re like the utimate dishes that i want them to make for me if i ever need to choose my last meal.

From my dad, buttered slices of bread with sprinkles of sugar always hits the spot. He used to make me sandwiches everyday years ago. Every morning (: Another would be instant noodles with an egg and this little egg must not break.

Favorite childhood memories of food with my mum would be her avocado smoothies. A friend of the family used to give us heaps of avos and she would turn them into the most delicious avo smoothie ever. Thick, rich and oh so sinful.

Those from my sister comes from the later years. If ever i found out that i will be having my last meal on this planet, i’d have her cook her big breakfast for me. During my year stay in KL with her, she’d cook me breakfast in the wee hours of the morning before my exams. But i never appreciated them because face it, we’re all half asleep in the morning. I bet she cooks them half asleep as well. Hehe. Another would be her cupcakes. Ok i admit they’re not the most beautiful cupcakes on Earth (sorry Hamtaro) but they taste awesome and made with love (I sound so cheesy!)

Tataro Cupcakes

So while they might sound like the simplest food to make on Earth, they have that one special ingredient in them – love.


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