Changing Jobs, Again

So i’ve…

  • Worked at fast food joints. Flipping patties, grilling chicken
  • Worked at a MNCs. Doing marketing, research & development
  • Worked at a publishing firm. Writing print articles, meeting deadlines.
  • Worked at a hotel. Doing functions, events, bartending and cocktail mixing
  • Worked from home. Teaching music privately

I believe in getting out there and getting all the experience you can while building a network of contacts. Working casually and NOT part time is the ticket to it all. You get to stay as short as you want (couple of months) and get a good reference. Some people i know keep transfering from one job to another but leave a bad reputation behind.

I’ve stayed at the hotel im currently at now for almost a year. And i’ll be resigning 2 weeks from now, which will mark my stay there for exactly a year. I’m going to miss everyone, the DMs, the chefs, colleagues, customers… They’ve all been awesome and really understanding. When i had to go back to Kch in June with no notice, they kept my spot open for months till they were really really really short of staff.

To all the good times and memories i’ve had there…Perfecting my latte art skills, getting meals cooked by chefs, tipsy customers, learning cocktails, pulling my very first beer, chatting with colleagues just to kill time so we get paid more, and to the many glasses we’ve broken over the year but never reported. Hmmm..

But i guess its for the better.


I am now an employee of a music school which has branches all over Australia, as well as in NZ and UK. I’ll be teaching music to lil kids as well as giving private lessons to adults. Plus, its heaps closer to my place than where im at now.

I have to confess though…I think i’ve lost a bit of my musicality over the past 2 years.



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