Condensed Milk

I bought a can of condensed milk last week.

I discovered that pouring it into my coffee is very…relaxing and calming.

You know that thick creamy gooey yellowish substance? So sticky and sweet. Mmm..

The way it trickles down slowly.

I just found my new distressing thing.


Story Of The Research Evaluation

01:22 108 out of 2000 words done. Taking a break. Chatting on MSN. Surfing the net.

01:31 Turned on “emo playlist” on iTunes. Stoning.

02:26 10% completed. *counts* Omg, 1 hour for 10%. 9 more hours…thats…till 11.30am later.

03:27 1 hour later…only about 14% done. Warming up leftovers from a Chinese delivery meal i had for dinner earlier. A bit of “special” fried rice, Jap tofu with salted fish and minced pork, and roasted chicken.

03:33 Picking out the peas from my fried rice 😛 Old habits die hard.

04:02 30% completed!

04:05 Caffeine boost time. Coffee? Coke? Hmm..going to go get a coke.

04:49 50% completed! I hear my housemate cooking… lol

05:07 A very wise lecturer (cant remember who) once told us to take a break after every 5-10 minutes of studying. That is the maximum time the brain can take in information. Im only realising how true the statement is now. Or maybe im just restless and am wondering about after every 5 minutes of typing?

06:18 The sun is up, and so am i. 70% completed. All the silly little things like references, contents page and stuff left.

06:30 Nearly the whole house is up. :O Only on a Monday this happens. Haha.

06:36 Played the piano. Go through lesson plans for work later.

07:01 I AM DONE! OMG OMG OMGGGG. No more assignments for this unit. YAY!

Great. I have to go to uni to hand it up, go to the city for a cuppa with my ex boss, go to work, then come home at 7pm and SLEEP.

SLEEP. Ah, bliss.

Assignmenting Much?

My 35% worth of research evaluation is due tomorrow. Instead of finishing starting on it now I…

Baked a cake.

Did dishes.

Played guitar hero.

Watched TV.

Walked around the house aimlessly proclaiming im bored.

I keep telling myself that i’m just waiting for the last minute adrenaline to kick in then only will i be able to do my assignment. So far all my last minute work has scored me at least a D if not a HD. Haha.

Sigh. What to do next? Clean my room?


I dont know why i cant be bothered with the blog updates anymore. I just don’t find time anymore! ):

So what have i been doing lately? Let’s see..

I turned 20, spent hours worrying over my finals (in 2 weeks), spent even more hours planning what to do after i finish finals and spent EVEN MORE hours playing ps3. Hmm…

So yes, turning 20 was memorable 🙂 Furthest call i’ve gotten this year = UK. Thanks y’all!!

And yes, i’ll be done with this semester in 2 weeks. YAYYYYYYYY!

Work has been awesome. Every bit of it. If there was a dream job for me, this will be it. You know its good when you actually look forward to the days you have to go to work. So what makes it so fun? The fact that i get to sleep in because i get to arrange my classes to be in the afternoons? My freaking awesome boss and his family? My awesome eccentric muso-talented colleagues? Or that my work place is like a playground with lots of bright warm colors and inspiring instruments at every corner? Hmmm..I don’t know.

I’ve had many many many kinds of students. Sometimes it makes me wonder…what kind of student was i? Did my teachers like me? I know i *ahem* never *ahem* practice..

But its all good because my little ones tell me they love me (: They give me hugs after lessons every week. Awww…

Okay okay. Back to my beloved ps3.

Perth Royal Show ’08

Royal Show this year was a blast. Between 11 people, even the chicken of chickens will be forced to go on the craziest rides ever.

The only ride we went as the whole group was The Ranger. It’s that stupid thing which goes 360 degrees and hangs mid air and makes your blood all gush into your brain. But oh man, so many funny things happened. Somebody kept laughing to himself the whole night when he thinks about the ride. Okay, nevermind, you won’t understand unless you were there that day. Haha. But it wasn’t as fun as it sounds like. I gripped onto the bar so tightly till my arms hurt like hell the next day. A few of us close our eyes throughout the whole ride till we teared. -_-” We screamed till we were too tired to scream. And if we screamed anymore, puke will come out instead. Someone said he wished he’d fainted instead. Somebody screamed “I surrender! I surrender! I pay you 10 million to stop now!” LOL!

Awesome day though…we spent like 7 hours there playing games, going on rides and err…eating. Oh, i won a huge wolf 🙂 Yay!

Yeah, we are still lame and childish like that.

Anyway, like every year, awesome fireworks at the end of the night! More pictures on my facebook, lazy to upload again!