I dont know why i cant be bothered with the blog updates anymore. I just don’t find time anymore! ):

So what have i been doing lately? Let’s see..

I turned 20, spent hours worrying over my finals (in 2 weeks), spent even more hours planning what to do after i finish finals and spent EVEN MORE hours playing ps3. Hmm…

So yes, turning 20 was memorable 🙂 Furthest call i’ve gotten this year = UK. Thanks y’all!!

And yes, i’ll be done with this semester in 2 weeks. YAYYYYYYYY!

Work has been awesome. Every bit of it. If there was a dream job for me, this will be it. You know its good when you actually look forward to the days you have to go to work. So what makes it so fun? The fact that i get to sleep in because i get to arrange my classes to be in the afternoons? My freaking awesome boss and his family? My awesome eccentric muso-talented colleagues? Or that my work place is like a playground with lots of bright warm colors and inspiring instruments at every corner? Hmmm..I don’t know.

I’ve had many many many kinds of students. Sometimes it makes me wonder…what kind of student was i? Did my teachers like me? I know i *ahem* never *ahem* practice..

But its all good because my little ones tell me they love me (: They give me hugs after lessons every week. Awww…

Okay okay. Back to my beloved ps3.


2 thoughts on “Hmm..

  1. neither actually, time-wise… I don’t think I’ll post till 2 weeks from now, when most of my exams are over. soooo busy… but keep updating, it’s one of the few things keeping me going, apart from alcohol, facebook, and the prospect of a decent summer!

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