Assignmenting Much?

My 35% worth of research evaluation is due tomorrow. Instead of finishing starting on it now I…

Baked a cake.

Did dishes.

Played guitar hero.

Watched TV.

Walked around the house aimlessly proclaiming im bored.

I keep telling myself that i’m just waiting for the last minute adrenaline to kick in then only will i be able to do my assignment. So far all my last minute work has scored me at least a D if not a HD. Haha.

Sigh. What to do next? Clean my room?


3 thoughts on “Assignmenting Much?

  1. wow, if only I could say the same about my last minute work =\ I find that a lot of my last minute attempts can’t be completed because they weren’t meant to be finished quickly, hehe…

    what to do next aye? cook meals to bring on campus for the next week =)

    make more cookies and muffins. clean your room!

    reorganise the furniture! reorganise your wardrobe (if not already organised)!

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