Sick Sick SICK

Its been AGES since i’ve fallen sick. Theres the occasional migraines…2 day fever¬†but other than that i’ve been good for 2008 (:

Till yesterday!

I felt a sore throat coming and when i woke up the next morning, i had the ultimate combo. The cold, sore throat, fever and cough. SIGH. Its going around the house…

And so i went to work today feeling shitty and all…trying to talk to customers without wanting to throw up and trying not to sneeze into food. I had to sanitize my hands everytime i sneezed, and yes..that was like every other minute.

Playing Jason Mraz -Lucky, Make It Mine and I’m Yours on repeat now…attempting to make me more cheerful.

I hate coming down with the cold. I can’t breathe. I turned off the fan in my room just so i wont get a nose block. Im bloody sweating though ): How retarded.

Oh, i just realised i’ve got some Clarinase…too late to call my dad for the dosage..but anyhoo..i took two. The Poison Information Centre number is in my phone incase i ODed. Tsk.



I am having absolutely the best time of my life right now. Juggling between 2 awesome jobs…not much social life beyond that but im happy ūüôā

Been waking up at 6 in the morning for the past week or so. Going to Cottesloe and Subiaco for trainings. On days off (Monday & Wednesday) i get to sleep in a little and wake up past lunch to go teach my little ones. Get my Sundays off as well…so thats good. Oh, trainings over so no more early mornings for me. YAY.

Its all very exciting for me. Possibly the 2 best jobs i’ve had so far. All this while i’ve been working alongside Asians (and Aussies but a minority) but my 2 current jobs…im almost the only Asian. But its so cool and they’re all super duper nice. Heh.

Sleep in tomorrow! Before lessons im gonna go to Woolies next door to get some lollies for my little ones. Whee.

No time for updates. My food picture folder is bursting and i havent had time to edit them for this poor old blog. I just only uploaded pictures from my 20th to facebook today. A month and a half late…

Soon, i promise.

p/s My sleep routine is back to normal! Sleep at 2 the latest and get up at 6am. Go back to sleep if theres no training and get up again at 10. Woot!

What’s New?

Ive been abolutely swamped with work for the past week or so! As most of you would have known, i was done with uni a long long time ago. So…i picked up a second job ūüôā

At Wagamama! Hehe. Fremantle..which is yet to open but will be soon. Been training for the past few days and its been awesome. Great people, lotsa fun and im looking forward to it because working next to the sea in summer would be sweet! We had to memorise the menu (bigggg menu) and all the numbers of the items and i actually had this dream last night of like “5 is Apple and Orange juice…Edamame is 104 or 112!” -_-

Anyway, got more training in January for the other job..some Brissie guy is coming down to train us…which means…i’ll be¬†going back to¬†Kch only in January. For…2 weeks. Could have been back for 3.5 months…but now its 2 weeks.

Im so craving teriyaki chicken and edamame now.



Everybody, no matter how wealthy you may be, should work in retail/hospitality at least once.

All the horrid customers…we’ve nicknamed this people CFHs – Customers From Hell.

Count my blessings im not in this industry anymore but this whole teaching thing…i realise i can’t run away from these CFHs. They’re just a different kind of CFHs now – Children From Hell.

Okay, i’ve only got one CFH. Child From Hell. Shes 12, plays the flute and is a total bitch.

At 12, shes wicked, horrid and ignorant.

Her mother drags her to lessons…this particular CFH is a tomboy , know-it-all kind of girl and just refuses to listen!

She¬†whined that standing up while playing the flute makes her legs itchy. Ew… So i let her sit.

Every lesson she complains that she just can’t do it. And sighs. And doesnt even bother trying.

She argued with me that the Fsharp accidental next to the time signature only refers to all Fs on that line.


Its been 3 weeks and im so depressed because of that CFH. So goes the saying “if the student can’t do it, its the teachers fault”.

She can’t count, can’t tell between loud and soft, high and low ..ARGH.


Rant over.


I have a child prodigy! Her name is Georgia, 8, and is the sweetest little thing ever. Blue twinkly eyes and always so happy to be in class.

She learns fast, can play awesome pieces for her age and i taught her all that (:


Does the good outweigh the bad?

Today Is A Good Day

I’ve been telling this to anyone whos willing to listen – im officially on a 3.5 months holiday starting today!

Okay, i lied. I still have a 3000 word report and a journal to hand up this Friday but im not so worried. Thing is, no more lectures or tutes!

A few things about Semester 2, 2009..

I have this unit which nobody i know attends lectures. Its not our fault – its not compulsory plus nobody attends it. Blame technology. I’ll choose¬† ilecture over lectures anytime! So yeah, last night, a few of us were arguing over what our lecturer looks like. You know how you can imagine a person’s appearance based on their voices? Unfortunately our ilecture is purely audio – no visuals at all! I came close though, she looked like Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter.

So i had 2 exams today. For the first time in a very very long time, i didn’t consume any junkies last night to keep me awake. No coke, no chips, no chocolates. Erm, i did wake up at 12am to cook Sarawak Laksa…lol. I can justify this though. If you don’t satisfy your¬†cravings,¬† you won’t be able to concentrate in cramming for the exams.

Exams were better than i expected. And i also got back my paper from this post. D+/HD-…. -_- Gotten the same grades for all assignments this semester.

Okay. Time to crash.

The Theory Exam Leave

Back during the high school days, a whole bunch of us would go missing twice a year. Sometime in March and June/July. It’s called the ABRSM Theory or Practical exam leave.

Here in Australia, the theory exams are this Thursday…and i have 4 students enrolled. 2 Grade 4, 1 Grade 6 and another Grade 7.

OMG i tell you, now i know what my teacher felt like before. STRESSED. These 4 students, they havent got the basics grounded into them (don’t know what their previous teachers were doing) but they’re intelligent. They seem to be pulling a Sandra because i think they’re going to cram everything in the night before – its just so me. And if they pull it off and do well i’ll be so proud of them ūüôā

Anyway, back to melodic intervals and French/German/Italian terms.

I seem to have forgotten them. Shame on me.