The Theory Exam Leave

Back during the high school days, a whole bunch of us would go missing twice a year. Sometime in March and June/July. It’s called the ABRSM Theory or Practical exam leave.

Here in Australia, the theory exams are this Thursday…and i have 4 students enrolled. 2 Grade 4, 1 Grade 6 and another Grade 7.

OMG i tell you, now i know what my teacher felt like before. STRESSED. These 4 students, they havent got the basics grounded into them (don’t know what their previous teachers were doing) but they’re intelligent. They seem to be pulling a Sandra because i think they’re going to cram everything in the night before – its just so me. And if they pull it off and do well i’ll be so proud of them 🙂

Anyway, back to melodic intervals and French/German/Italian terms.

I seem to have forgotten them. Shame on me.


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