Today Is A Good Day

I’ve been telling this to anyone whos willing to listen – im officially on a 3.5 months holiday starting today!

Okay, i lied. I still have a 3000 word report and a journal to hand up this Friday but im not so worried. Thing is, no more lectures or tutes!

A few things about Semester 2, 2009..

I have this unit which nobody i know attends lectures. Its not our fault – its not compulsory plus nobody attends it. Blame technology. I’ll choose  ilecture over lectures anytime! So yeah, last night, a few of us were arguing over what our lecturer looks like. You know how you can imagine a person’s appearance based on their voices? Unfortunately our ilecture is purely audio – no visuals at all! I came close though, she looked like Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter.

So i had 2 exams today. For the first time in a very very long time, i didn’t consume any junkies last night to keep me awake. No coke, no chips, no chocolates. Erm, i did wake up at 12am to cook Sarawak Laksa…lol. I can justify this though. If you don’t satisfy your cravings,  you won’t be able to concentrate in cramming for the exams.

Exams were better than i expected. And i also got back my paper from this post. D+/HD-…. -_- Gotten the same grades for all assignments this semester.

Okay. Time to crash.

2 thoughts on “Today Is A Good Day

  1. man, everytime I see a D+/D- I think grades in terms of what they are in NZ which would be very very bad by our grading systems… you know, literally a fail… A+/A/A-/B+/B/B-/C+/C/C-/D+(fail)/D(fail)/D-(fail)

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