Everybody, no matter how wealthy you may be, should work in retail/hospitality at least once.

All the horrid customers…we’ve nicknamed this people CFHs – Customers From Hell.

Count my blessings im not in this industry anymore but this whole teaching thing…i realise i can’t run away from these CFHs. They’re just a different kind of CFHs now – Children From Hell.

Okay, i’ve only got one CFH. Child From Hell. Shes 12, plays the flute and is a total bitch.

At 12, shes wicked, horrid and ignorant.

Her mother drags her to lessons…this particular CFH is a tomboy , know-it-all kind of girl and just refuses to listen!

She whined that standing up while playing the flute makes her legs itchy. Ew… So i let her sit.

Every lesson she complains that she just can’t do it. And sighs. And doesnt even bother trying.

She argued with me that the Fsharp accidental next to the time signature only refers to all Fs on that line.


Its been 3 weeks and im so depressed because of that CFH. So goes the saying “if the student can’t do it, its the teachers fault”.

She can’t count, can’t tell between loud and soft, high and low ..ARGH.


Rant over.


I have a child prodigy! Her name is Georgia, 8, and is the sweetest little thing ever. Blue twinkly eyes and always so happy to be in class.

She learns fast, can play awesome pieces for her age and i taught her all that (:


Does the good outweigh the bad?


2 thoughts on “CFHs

  1. talk to the parent. discuss carefully and slowly with her mother as to avoid misunderstanding and confusion (hopefully?). and then resign. or threaten to. lol =P

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