What’s New?

Ive been abolutely swamped with work for the past week or so! As most of you would have known, i was done with uni a long long time ago. So…i picked up a second job 🙂

At Wagamama! Hehe. Fremantle..which is yet to open but will be soon. Been training for the past few days and its been awesome. Great people, lotsa fun and im looking forward to it because working next to the sea in summer would be sweet! We had to memorise the menu (bigggg menu) and all the numbers of the items and i actually had this dream last night of like “5 is Apple and Orange juice…Edamame is 104 or 112!” -_-

Anyway, got more training in January for the other job..some Brissie guy is coming down to train us…which means…i’ll be going back to Kch only in January. For…2 weeks. Could have been back for 3.5 months…but now its 2 weeks.

Im so craving teriyaki chicken and edamame now.