I am having absolutely the best time of my life right now. Juggling between 2 awesome jobs…not much social life beyond that but im happy 🙂

Been waking up at 6 in the morning for the past week or so. Going to Cottesloe and Subiaco for trainings. On days off (Monday & Wednesday) i get to sleep in a little and wake up past lunch to go teach my little ones. Get my Sundays off as well…so thats good. Oh, trainings over so no more early mornings for me. YAY.

Its all very exciting for me. Possibly the 2 best jobs i’ve had so far. All this while i’ve been working alongside Asians (and Aussies but a minority) but my 2 current jobs…im almost the only Asian. But its so cool and they’re all super duper nice. Heh.

Sleep in tomorrow! Before lessons im gonna go to Woolies next door to get some lollies for my little ones. Whee.

No time for updates. My food picture folder is bursting and i havent had time to edit them for this poor old blog. I just only uploaded pictures from my 20th to facebook today. A month and a half late…

Soon, i promise.

p/s My sleep routine is back to normal! Sleep at 2 the latest and get up at 6am. Go back to sleep if theres no training and get up again at 10. Woot!


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