Sick Sick SICK

Its been AGES since i’ve fallen sick. Theres the occasional migraines…2 day fever but other than that i’ve been good for 2008 (:

Till yesterday!

I felt a sore throat coming and when i woke up the next morning, i had the ultimate combo. The cold, sore throat, fever and cough. SIGH. Its going around the house…

And so i went to work today feeling shitty and all…trying to talk to customers without wanting to throw up and trying not to sneeze into food. I had to sanitize my hands everytime i sneezed, and yes..that was like every other minute.

Playing Jason Mraz -Lucky, Make It Mine and I’m Yours on repeat now…attempting to make me more cheerful.

I hate coming down with the cold. I can’t breathe. I turned off the fan in my room just so i wont get a nose block. Im bloody sweating though ): How retarded.

Oh, i just realised i’ve got some Clarinase…too late to call my dad for the dosage..but anyhoo..i took two. The Poison Information Centre number is in my phone incase i ODed. Tsk.


One thought on “Sick Sick SICK

  1. clarinase, that’s about 120mg of pseudoephedrine and 10mg of loratidine…
    you’ve taken your maximum dose for the day if you took two of that though

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