2008 In A Nutshell

In just a couple of days the world will be counting down the seconds to welcome year 2009. As for me, im still recovering from the Christmas shebang. Hosting and cooking for 20+ people at home is no easy feat but i believe it went well 🙂 We had Secret Santa, and a feast –

  • hors d’oeuvres – cream cheese and smoked salmon vol au vents, trio of mushrooms and chicken vol au vents, deviled eggs
  • appetisers/sides- prawn mango & pomegranate salad, roast vegetables, cheese platter, meat platter, cauliflower cheese bake
  • mains- roast turkey, roast beef, honey drumsticks, mutton curry,
  • desserts- chocolate tart, konnyaku

Phew. Will put up pictures soon 🙂

Anyway, 2009 has been crazy for me. The later part of the year has been so filled with awesome times – scoring 2 of the best jobs i’ve ever had, bonding with new friends and colleagues and strenghtening the old ones, having more time to myself and thus less time to blog (heh).

I will never be able to recount all the highlights of 2008..but its one of those years where i know i’ve grasped a lot from the past 12 months. I think i’ve grown up. Hm.

Have a blessed 2009 dear readers.


The Day I Had To Dial 000

Longest hiatus EVER. Almost a month. Hmmm. I have my reasons for my hiatus, but i’ve decided to post something today because it is absolutely worth blogging about.

2 days ago, i had to dial 000 (emergency services) in this case, the fire brigade. First time in my life. Haha. Wanna know the whole story?

Jason and i drove to Southlands (3 minutes away) and when we turned off the engine it still kept running. After like a few seconds, it stopped. So we thought like ok…its all fine. But when we drove back, the same thing happened again. We thought it would stop after a while. But no….

5 minutes later…the engine was still running, smoke was coming out of the engine. We were like WTF. I swear it was hilarious then. We pulled out the battery line but no…the thing was still running. The freaking car was smoking SO BADLY. The metal pipes underneath the exhaust was turning orange (you know like when you heat metal)…and the thing seemed like it was gonna explode any moment.

So yeah…we ran out..called RAC (roadside assistance) which took forever to come. It was then things went from hilarious to panicky. RAC then told us to call the firemen just incase.

The phone call was a whole other story but long story short, they were here in no time, with sirens and all…not one, but TWO fire trucks. RAC came after that and they towed the smoking car out of the shed into the driveway and hosed the thing down. Our neighbours were so intrigued because its not everyday you get firemen in your streets 🙂

Needless to say, they(everybody) laughed at us -_-

Drama ey?