I mentioned in my last post that something is bound to be missing during this whole process of packing to move house and packing to go home.

And something did.

My ipod.

How now.

Gotta go back to the new crib and search every box. ARGH.



My room is in a disgusting horrible mess now. Even worse than before i started packing. I have shoes and books lying all across my room, half packed boxes everywhere and to top it all off, my room is TINY so that means no walking space at all.

I know i can probably finish packing tonight but im so fed up with this all. That said, im actually excited to move! Choosing my own furniture and all..hrmmm. Im gonna need a bed, bed side table, awesome lights, and funky things. Sounds like IKEA to me. Im going to need a table to put a kettle and have my awesome range of teas and coffee in my room too. Yay. Then im gonna need 7.1 speakers for my ps3. I think thats about it all. I already have my shelf and study table. OH, drawers for my clothes. I dont think my wardrobe is big enough.

Err..yes, set up my ‘music space’ in a little corner of my room too.

The movers are coming on Tuesday to move my stuff. Oh boyyyy im running out of time!

All Work No Play Makes Me…

This is what my timetable looks like for the coming  semester..or at least its what i hope it’ll be like…

Monday- AM/PM Teaching

Tuesday- AM Uni, PM Teaching

Wednesday- AM/PM Teaching

Thursday- AM/PM Teaching

Friday- AM Uni, PM Waga

Saturday- AM Teaching, PM Waga

Sunday- AM/PM Waga

Teaching = 1st job. Waga= 2nd job.

Now, can everyboday say…NO LIFE?

Im going to have to schedule all my uni classes for 8.30am ones…thank goodness im moving to literally opposite the road from uni. I can wake up 10 minutes before lecture starts. 🙂

Have I Ever Mentioned…

How much i HATE packing?

Packing to go home, packing to move, packing for a trip, packing for uni, packing for work…

I get the adrenaline pumping because im excited to go somewhere and then i’ll start packing but a second later i’ll just collapse on my bed and give up. Then its all forgotten till an hour before i have to leave.

We’re all moving out of the house soon and theres boxes everywhere in the living room. For such a small room, im amazed at how much i have to pack away. At a glance, theres just books, my tv and ps3, my speakers, keyboard, and erm junk. But when you look harder, theres heaps of bags, wires, chargers, snacks, make up stuff, little clips here and there, and so much junk outside my room. I’ll have to search for my kitchen utensils and cookwares which i’ve bought over the past couple of years and stashed in odd places around the house.

And then its not so simple as to jamming everything into boxes and unpacking later because somewhere in the middle of moving houses, i’m going back to Malaysia and thus i’ll have to separate my boxes as to things to bring back, things i MIGHT bring back, and things not to bring back. Then when the time comes, there will definitely be things i forgot to bring back or things i cannot find. Boo hoo.

This little room holds many memories for me already even though its only been 2 years. The countless movie sessions with friends, the Singstar craze over the past few weeks, the many all nighters i’ve pulled on my bed for uni and well, it was my little den for 2 years.


Moving soon! With a hell lot bigger room, my own ensuite, almost a walk-in wardrobe and yes..just lots more personal space for all my precious things. I don’t have to sit on my bed to play the keyboard anymore.

Now…if only mummy would come here to pack for me. Heh.

On Why I Love Work

No sarcasm here.

As you probably know, im working 2 jobs now. My teaching one is on a break since its the school holidays and it follows the term break. So on my other job, im working almost everyday now.

Its not the kind of job where you can’t wait to get home or leave the place after your shift. Everyone is SO awesome…the chefs, the front of house people. I finished at 3pm today but stayed till 5pm to chill. Grabbed lunch…sit with the other chefs and bitched and talked and gossiped. Best part of being friends with chefs is that they make extra effort to feed you (everyday if you’re working as much as me).

I had this craving for fried ice cream and he went and tried to make some. Lol. Had 2 HUGE plates of sweet potato chips, and an extra special beef salad. If you’ve been to Waga before you’d know how good they are (:

Anyway, time to go sleep! Will post on fishing and crabbing soon. Meanwhile, pics are up of Facebook.


2008 Eats

I promised pictures from the Christmas party. Unfortunately not all the pictures turned out gastronomically decent.While we’re on the topic of food, i thought i’d throw in a few other memorable food pictures from last year as well.

Christmas Turkey

For Christmas this last year I picked out a 5.6kg bird…among 20+…it didn’t seem to be too big. It sat in my oven snugly for 5 hours on Christmas day…kind of threw off my plans of roasting the beef and vegetables together with the turkey. That said, i had a plan B. Take the turkey out when its done, and while its resting for half an hour before carving, roast everything else.

The bird came out wonderfully tender and ooh..the smell of it all when you open the oven…so Christmassy and strangely satisfying. Everyone gets all nervous and all when it comes to roasting a turkey..but you shouldn’t be. Just think of it as an obese chicken. Here’s what i did:-

Loosely separate the skin and the breast, and push in lots of herb infused butter. Be careful not to break the skin. When it roasts, the butter melts and bastes the meat throughout the roasting process. Pat turkey dry.

Stuffing:- Onions, garlic, minced pork, celery, breadcrumbs, apricots, sage, rosemary and …i think that was all. Loosely cup handful of stuffings and shove it down the bird. Microwave an orange for 30 seconds and stuff it down the cavity.

Finally, rub (massage) the bird with EVOO, herbs and heavily season it. Loosely cover with foil and roast in a preheated oven at 180 degrees…about 20 minutes for every 500g.

Its all very Jamie Oliver inspired but what can i say… i love him his cooking (:

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Vol au Vents

Whoever came up with the idea of dill and salmon deserves a Nobel. This was fairly straight forward. Mixture of cream chesese, sour cream and seasonings filled into little Vol au Vents, strips of smoked salmon on top and a little dill to complete it – not unlike a miniature Christmas tree heh.

Deviled Eggs

I initially went for traditional deviled eggs – or Russian eggs if you’d like, but i thought sprinkling bits and pieces of crispy bacon fat would lift the dish. And it did. Spiced with dijon mustard and paprika, these little hors d’oeuvres were a hit with the crowd. Simply put as eggs and bacon in a mouthful…

Freshly Shucked Natural Oysters

Just before Christmas, a few of us went to Kailis at Fremantle. IMHO, fish and chips at Freo is overrated but theres the strange feeling to it that draws everyone back. Both locals and foreigners. Could it be the concept of dining by the Freo waters (which really smells of seaweed)? Or the fact that Perth is seriously lacking decent dining places? Hello restaurateurs?? Hear our plead for places with decent food and value for money please.

Back to Kailis. The fish was tasteless, chips were cold and greasy…the only thing i enjoyed on my plate (not pictured) was the banana fritter which i ordered as an extra.

The oysters…they were a huge disappointment! They certainly can and should learn a thing or two from Jerry Fraser. They were poorly shucked, tasted foul and oh so sandy. I popped 2 in and that was all. There was no creaminess neither the brineyness to it.

Cold Prawns

The prawns weren’t any better either. The four of us struggled to finish 12 prawns..thats only 3 each so you can imagine how bad they were. And it wasnt like we were full either – we headed off to Amanos later for some well deserved gelato (:

Korean BBQ

All you can eat meat and seafood – very few people shy away from this. For AUD34.90 per person, Hana BBQ at 318 William Street Northbridge offers quite a wide selection of buffet and desserts. Staying true to the concept of Korean BBQ, they have kimchi, nuts, beansprouts and other Korean sides you’d usually get – all you can eat. I’d definitely come back again just because i love Korean. And yes, NO MORE being vegan for me (:

Melon, Prawn & Chicken Salad

Totally random one but this is one of my favorite salad which i’ve been making quite often now. Rockmelon/cantaloupe with prawns and strips of grilled chicken breast. A little miracle whip and sweet chilli sauce and you’re all ready to go. Oh, thats how i like my eggs…boiled but not boiled to death.

I hope this post makes up for my unjustified absence…