On Why I Love Work

No sarcasm here.

As you probably know, im working 2 jobs now. My teaching one is on a break since its the school holidays and it follows the term break. So on my other job, im working almost everyday now.

Its not the kind of job where you can’t wait to get home or leave the place after your shift. Everyone is SO awesome…the chefs, the front of house people. I finished at 3pm today but stayed till 5pm to chill. Grabbed lunch…sit with the other chefs and bitched and talked and gossiped. Best part of being friends with chefs is that they make extra effort to feed you (everyday if you’re working as much as me).

I had this craving for fried ice cream and he went and tried to make some. Lol. Had 2 HUGE plates of sweet potato chips, and an extra special beef salad. If you’ve been to Waga before you’d know how good they are (:

Anyway, time to go sleep! Will post on fishing and crabbing soon. Meanwhile, pics are up of Facebook.



5 thoughts on “On Why I Love Work

  1. nice… I like work, but my perks aren’t much… just free friday afternoon drinks, which means a good healthy amount of beer, wine and spirits.

  2. krys: shhhhh!!! 😛

    gabe: thats still awesome! my last bar job was the same except it was everyday…not so special after a while. at least you havesomething to look forward to hehe

    robin: HEYYYYYYYYY. if only you were still here!!! 😦

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