Have I Ever Mentioned…

How much i HATE packing?

Packing to go home, packing to move, packing for a trip, packing for uni, packing for work…

I get the adrenaline pumping because im excited to go somewhere and then i’ll start packing but a second later i’ll just collapse on my bed and give up. Then its all forgotten till an hour before i have to leave.

We’re all moving out of the house soon and theres boxes everywhere in the living room. For such a small room, im amazed at how much i have to pack away. At a glance, theres just books, my tv and ps3, my speakers, keyboard, and erm junk. But when you look harder, theres heaps of bags, wires, chargers, snacks, make up stuff, little clips here and there, and so much junk outside my room. I’ll have to search for my kitchen utensils and cookwares which i’ve bought over the past couple of years and stashed in odd places around the house.

And then its not so simple as to jamming everything into boxes and unpacking later because somewhere in the middle of moving houses, i’m going back to Malaysia and thus i’ll have to separate my boxes as to things to bring back, things i MIGHT bring back, and things not to bring back. Then when the time comes, there will definitely be things i forgot to bring back or things i cannot find. Boo hoo.

This little room holds many memories for me already even though its only been 2 years. The countless movie sessions with friends, the Singstar craze over the past few weeks, the many all nighters i’ve pulled on my bed for uni and well, it was my little den for 2 years.


Moving soon! With a hell lot bigger room, my own ensuite, almost a walk-in wardrobe and yes..just lots more personal space for all my precious things. I don’t have to sit on my bed to play the keyboard anymore.

Now…if only mummy would come here to pack for me. Heh.

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