All Work No Play Makes Me…

This is what my timetable looks like for the coming  semester..or at least its what i hope it’ll be like…

Monday- AM/PM Teaching

Tuesday- AM Uni, PM Teaching

Wednesday- AM/PM Teaching

Thursday- AM/PM Teaching

Friday- AM Uni, PM Waga

Saturday- AM Teaching, PM Waga

Sunday- AM/PM Waga

Teaching = 1st job. Waga= 2nd job.

Now, can everyboday say…NO LIFE?

Im going to have to schedule all my uni classes for 8.30am ones…thank goodness im moving to literally opposite the road from uni. I can wake up 10 minutes before lecture starts. 🙂


One thought on “All Work No Play Makes Me…

  1. All Work No Play Makes Me… Happy?

    I thought you liked work, hehe =P

    I designed a device which (according to the math, but not practical experimentation yet) works perfectly! A crude device which has 100% linear behaviour!!!! YES!

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