My room is in a disgusting horrible mess now. Even worse than before i started packing. I have shoes and books lying all across my room, half packed boxes everywhere and to top it all off, my room is TINY so that means no walking space at all.

I know i can probably finish packing tonight but im so fed up with this all. That said, im actually excited to move! Choosing my own furniture and all..hrmmm. Im gonna need a bed, bed side table, awesome lights, and funky things. Sounds like IKEA to me. Im going to need a table to put a kettle and have my awesome range of teas and coffee in my room too. Yay. Then im gonna need 7.1 speakers for my ps3. I think thats about it all. I already have my shelf and study table. OH, drawers for my clothes. I dont think my wardrobe is big enough.

Err..yes, set up my ‘music space’ in a little corner of my room too.

The movers are coming on Tuesday to move my stuff. Oh boyyyy im running out of time!


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