A foodie’s movie. All about ramens and the art of eating ramen. But like my sister mentioned, its the kind of movie to watch when you’re high.

Anyway, possibly the best ramen in Perth…

Soft pork ramen (AUD9)

Can be found at this very very small stall named Dosukoi Ramen & Bubble Tea in the Fremantle markets.

Melt in your mouth pieces of pork, perfectly spiced concentrated broth and “chewy” noodles.


And they’ve got awesome tako balls with huge pieces of octopus in it. (:

Perfect for winter which is…just around the corner i believe.


Never Stop Learning

For those who’ve asked about my blog – the lack of updates, lack of quality posts…i have an answer for you. My blog revolves around my life and right now my life is nothing but work and uneventful social life.

To be honest I’m losing track of time here. This week was supposed to be a uni break but yesterday when i finally sat down in sigh of relief that i didn’t have work the next day it hit me that it was already Friday and the week is ending.

I miss the old life. Back home when i would just wait on someone else to get me places. To school, to parties, to dinners. Now i’ve learned to plan ahead, and sometimes wait an hour for the bus and walk back in the rain on a barely lit street.

You know what else i miss? I miss sleeping next to a furball. That same furball who rolls over begging for attention, who bites your hair and covers you with slime. But thats OK, because now i know thats what dogs are for. To be with you on the crappiest days of life.

Anyhoo, its nearly 6 in the morning and i’ve got to get to work in 2 hours. I’m mentally exhausted but tomorrow is a new day and with it comes a new challenge. Patience is something i don’t always have but over the past few months i’ve learned that patience IS a virtue. I’ve learned to accept mistakes – to accept flaws and imperfections and be optimistic and to say the most positive things even when im on the verge of exploding. That nobody is perfect and everybody is different and special in their own ways. I’ve learned how to speak kids language and then the next second communicate with someone nearly 4 times my age. I’ve learned how to be fun in the most boring and dull situations.

Most of all I’ve learned that when a child in playschool drew her music teacher in a field of flowers, butterflies and err, fishes, i must have done something right.

A Plea For Help

I’ve been struggling lately to get through to a student of mine.

He’s around 8 i think, autistic but with a great sense of pitch and rhythm.

I’ve been doing so much research lately and i really really really wanna help this boy. His mum is sweet, encouraging but how do one teach music to an autistic child?

They’ve got no sense of creativity, imagination or anything like that. I’ve tried songs, pictures and imitation…lots of repetition in class but i think i need to go along the lines of music therapy. I know he has the potential…and he really enjoys music. I think he deserves every bit to continue…but im at a lost.

If any of you googled and come across this…please leave me a comment or email me if you can help.

Thanks (: