A foodie’s movie. All about ramens and the art of eating ramen. But like my sister mentioned, its the kind of movie to watch when you’re high.

Anyway, possibly the best ramen in Perth…

Soft pork ramen (AUD9)

Can be found at this very very small stall named Dosukoi Ramen & Bubble Tea in the Fremantle markets.

Melt in your mouth pieces of pork, perfectly spiced concentrated broth and “chewy” noodles.


And they’ve got awesome tako balls with huge pieces of octopus in it. (:

Perfect for winter which is…just around the corner i believe.


3 thoughts on “Tampopo

  1. hey! i am a student in perth too. if you are a fan of ramen, you should try this japanese restauran called nao at murray st. its just beside miss maud 😀

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