Most Watched Film

I have a confession to make.

I think i must have watched The Sound of Music about a hundred times now. IF my family were to have our own movie, it would be Sound of Music. Every holiday, or even weekends, when i was little…we would sit down and watch this – over and over again. And we didn’t watch this on DVD, not even VCD or cassette tapes..we watched it on the huge record discs, you know those which looked like the gramaphone discs? So cool. We still have it at home and i must remember to watch it again one of these days.

I would remember the lines and lyrics to everything, my sister and i would act out the parts in the film (cuckoo – cuckoo!) and we never got sick of it. Its a classic i suppose.

So last week when my boss brought in the film and some hot cross buns for the little ones to watch during lessons it really hit the spot. Bring back memories!

Anyway, i downloaded it and i watching it…over and over again.

So…what’s your most watched film?


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