There’s Something Out There

Ever since Good Friday, there’s been this weird noise coming from the backyard…

It sounded like a kitten purring or something, so my housemates and i went out to investigate. The sound apparently came from a bush. So we took a torchlight, with 7 people starring at a bush..we didn’t find anything. We even opened a can of tuna trying to lure it out.

I think it was hours later when we realised that there was NOTHING there. Then it was when one of my housemates realised that the sound was coming from underground. So we thought it was the pipes.

But hrm…

It’s not. We experimented with the taps and pipes…its not the pipes. Besides pipes don’t purr.

The sound only happens when the sun goes down…and its really loud. When we go out the sound dies down. WTF WTF WTF.

Best of all that bush is right outside Jason’s window (:

Btw, did i tell you that right next door is a burnt down house?

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