Buying Plane Tickets In Advance

Lesson learnt.

NEVER EVER buy plane tickets way way in advance.

Once isnt enough…gotta learn the same lesson again. Hehe.

Looks like i wont be going to Gold Coast and Melbourne anymore! Boooo. Don’t know if its supposed to make me feel better that im not the only one not going. Brandons back in Kuching.

But but butttttt! Going end of the year!

Anyway, so exhausted, this whole week is gonna be full of conference stuff then the ‘real’ holidays kicks in.

And PHEW my results are out and im pleased with the results (:

Celebration much?


One thought on “Buying Plane Tickets In Advance

  1. celebration much indeed. If you are meant to celebrate when your results are out, I can imagine it being bigger than celebrating when your exams are just over. Oh dear, I’m getting a headache already… I don’t think I’d be able to do it…

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