I’m Back!!!!!!

Nearly 2 years from my last entry…i think im back on the blogging bandwagon. Probably lost all my readers….but in a way it feels good to be blogging for myself again.

Was reading a few of my past entries…i think i’ve changed a lot. The people around me has changed. Life changed. Circumstances changed. But like always, life goes on.

So whats changed from the last entry?

I’ve graduated from uni, completing my masters now which is taking ages because my “case studies” always end up “stale”.

I’ve learned lots, lost lots, and possibly learn not to take anything for granted.

Proud to say im still working at the same place – would have been teaching there 3 years come next month! Work is okay…always good to be in an environment surrounded my beautiful people and beautiful music but i think my temper has grown much shorter and working there has held me back from lots of things. I guess realizing that plus learning that sometimes people take you for granted has made me stronger and more prepared for the next step in life.

Anyways, enough of this becoming and emo entry.

I’ll definitely try to keep this blog running again with all the usual – the rants, food, and random stuff!

Everyday rojak indeed.

Signing off for now…