X rated musical terms

I had a new student today…was teaching him to play with the right “fingering”.

You see, usually a parent would sit in on the kids first lesson, especially so if they’re young.

So I was explaining the parts of the violin – the “f hole”, how you have to use the right “fingering”. How the bow has to be the right pressure so he had to press “harder” and bow just a bit “faster”.

“Okay Dylan, watch your fingering. Now faster. Bow harder. A little faster. All the way up.”

The dad looked so uncomfortable throughout lesson…

If you know what I mean…*insert 9gag meme pic*


The bubble that we live in

Sometimes the littlest thing can make your day.

This 5 year old boy of mine told his mum he preferred piano classes more than swimming! Mum was so shocked and grateful. Just the sweetest thing ever.

After a new trial class today another mum came up to me and said that I was good with kids. Awwww

Just when doubt creeps up things like that make me wanna stay and hold on that much longer.

On another note, been going to Senses every morning. It’s disheartening to see children abandoning their folks when they get older or when they lose mobility over the years.

The look in their eyes when they tell you how grateful you are for visiting and helping – even more than their own child would…sigh. And I guess it’s karma because the smallest thing you do would make their day. The twinkle in their eyes when you play and sing with them. Or draw and paint with them. Even just reading them a short story.

I guess I struggle every morning to get up at 7.45am but it makes it worthwhile. Not being too attached is one thing but feeling a bit helpless at times is another.

I guess we don’t all live in a perfect little bubble, sheltered from all that’s evil and sad. Maybe the way to finding happiness is through sadness, even if it means finding it though others.


I’m feeling so bleh tonight I’m deciding to retract my last post lol!

Have been working 6 days a week for the past year or so. Never really bothered me that much but recently I think it’s been taking a toll on me. If I ain’t at work I’m thinking about it. At last count I have 78 students a week. Each one with a different personality, each with a different learning/absorption method. Have got toddlers, siblings, mums, dads, grandparents- suppose its never tool old to start learning! Would be quite unfair to them if I keep hanging on like that – wouldn’t be able to give them my 100%.

Sorta in a rut because giving up days isn’t as easy as I thought it would be… Guess I just gotta hang on for a little while more! There are good days after all..not all bad *shrugs*

Just earlier today I sat observing the little ones. You know what they say about parents right? They mould you to become who you’ll be. Ive never really given it a thought till recently.

What kind of parent are you? What kind of parent will you be?

I’d make sure my little one learns to be patient. To wait. Not to budge in during adult conversations. To wait for mealtimes. To be patient with wants and needs.

Sign language for babies. Such a godsend.

Such a random post!

Minds wandering at lightning speed. Thinking about the most random thing ever tonight.

What’s your Forte?

I’ve had so many mishaps with technology recently that i think i’m ready to give up on it. Did i just say that?


I was walking into work today and this sign which has been stuck out on the front doors suddenly called out to me. A sign which has been there for god knows how long…a sign which *I* made. It never really struck to me how clever it was..but the tagline for our workplace is “Have you found your Forte? We have!”

Well, incase you didn’t already know the school i work at is called Forte!

One thing led to another and we were talking about life. Jobs. Careers. I blurted out…music isn’t my forte. What I’m doing now isn’t my Forte. Gasp much?

Been doing so much thinking lately. Deep down, i know what my forte is. Its just that i think I’m afraid to go after it. Afraid to chase my dreams and sacrifice too much along the way or to fall, get hurt, and not succeed.

So if you’re reading this…is what you’re doing now YOUR forte?