What’s your Forte?

I’ve had so many mishaps with technology recently that i think i’m ready to give up on it. Did i just say that?


I was walking into work today and this sign which has been stuck out on the front doors suddenly called out to me. A sign which has been there for god knows how long…a sign which *I* made. It never really struck to me how clever it was..but the tagline for our workplace is “Have you found your Forte? We have!”

Well, incase you didn’t already know the school i work at is called Forte!

One thing led to another and we were talking about life. Jobs. Careers. I blurted out…music isn’t my forte. What I’m doing now isn’t my Forte. Gasp much?

Been doing so much thinking lately. Deep down, i know what my forte is. Its just that i think I’m afraid to go after it. Afraid to chase my dreams and sacrifice too much along the way or to fall, get hurt, and not succeed.

So if you’re reading this…is what you’re doing now YOUR forte?

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