The bubble that we live in

Sometimes the littlest thing can make your day.

This 5 year old boy of mine told his mum he preferred piano classes more than swimming! Mum was so shocked and grateful. Just the sweetest thing ever.

After a new trial class today another mum came up to me and said that I was good with kids. Awwww

Just when doubt creeps up things like that make me wanna stay and hold on that much longer.

On another note, been going to Senses every morning. It’s disheartening to see children abandoning their folks when they get older or when they lose mobility over the years.

The look in their eyes when they tell you how grateful you are for visiting and helping – even more than their own child would…sigh. And I guess it’s karma because the smallest thing you do would make their day. The twinkle in their eyes when you play and sing with them. Or draw and paint with them. Even just reading them a short story.

I guess I struggle every morning to get up at 7.45am but it makes it worthwhile. Not being too attached is one thing but feeling a bit helpless at times is another.

I guess we don’t all live in a perfect little bubble, sheltered from all that’s evil and sad. Maybe the way to finding happiness is through sadness, even if it means finding it though others.


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